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First published: 1/3/19

Last Modified: 3/20/19, 12:08 PM

Here's our 8 top tips on how to make a positive change to your Payroll process.

Your employees work for you... does your Payroll?

Payroll procedures are often thought of as complicated, time consuming, and manual.  That doesn't have to be the case.  Modern Payroll procedures supported by automation, Excel, reconciliations, checks and controls, and good planning can reduce errors and increase time efficiency.

Here are our top 8 tips to improve your Payroll process...

  • Excel - A Payroll processors best friend.  Using excel allows you to easily handle data to be processed, and check your Payroll outputs.
  • Automate - Get your Payroll software to do the work for you, save time and reduce inputting errors by automating your Payroll input.
  • Reconcile - Using excel and formulas makes reconciling your Payroll much easier.  An important task to reduce errors.
  • Checks & Controls - Necessary to ensure the correct procedures are being followed.
  • Document - Document your Payroll procedures, the rates of pay, Payroll terms and conditions (Employee Handbooks), clearly and concisely, and make sure they are kept up to date.
  • Plan - Ensure you plan ahead in your Payroll calendar to make sure all information, signatures and procedures are followed, and key Payroll contacts are available to make sure everything gets signed off in plenty of time and ensure the smooth running of the Payroll.
  • Keep It Simple - Don't over complicate your Payroll, the simpler your procedures are the more effective your Payroll process will be.
  • Involve - Payroll often, through tight timescale and volume of work, isolate themselves from other departments and employees.  Make sure all employees and key Payroll contacts are kept up to date with the Payroll calendar, and on any changes to the Payroll procedures.  Get employees involved in the process for any proposed changes to the Payroll, providing proper consultation.  This helps with employee relations and raises the profile of the Payroll department.

Take a look at your Payroll procedures this year, and ensure your Payroll is working for you!

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