Do you find trying to keep your payroll compliant confusing and stressful?

First published: 8/4/20

Last Modified: 8/18/20, 10:44 AM

When it comes to payroll within your business you know that this is the one thing you can't afford to let slip or get wrong.

It can also be the task that takes up a lot of time when you could be spending this on growing and developing your business, while concentrating on your cores services and looking after your clients.

Payroll has ever changing legislation around it from minimum wage updates, tax and NI bands, statutory payments, pensions and more.

At this time, during Covid-19, you’ll also be looking at furloughing/furloughed staff payments and what you may be doing about bringing these staff back onto the books or redundancy options.

At Chanonry Payroll we're keeping up to date with latest government support for businesses and will share these with you to ensure you can maximise on the support available for you and your employees.

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