Employee avatar and how it can help you hire the best person for your business

First published: 8/18/20

Last Modified: 8/18/20, 10:30 AM

Our founder, Hayley Mudge, recently took part in a pre-recorded webinar for W-Power, a group of around 60 Argyll Business Women, discussing the topic of ‘preparing to hire’

Hi everyone, Hayley here,

I had a great time pre-recording the 'Preparing to hire' webinar for W-Power.  Discussing the many things that need to be considered before hiring your first employee, how to set up payroll, costs and potential cost savings.

Something I mentioned in the webinar and which I thing is crucial for hiring employees, no matter how many employees you have, is the idea of developing your employee avatar.

Now, you'll have heard from Marketing professionals, about knowing who your ideal client is and building your ideal client avatar. Allowing you to get a clear picture of the type of client you're looking for and where they hang out, so that you can focus your marketing efforts and investment in the right places.

The same thinking can be applied to hiring a new employee

Developing a clear picture of...

  • the skills they need
  • the qualifications they need
  • the experience they need
  • tasks and responsibilities to be undertaken
  • where they will be working

... will not only focus your recruitment efforts in the right places, but will provide a greater opportunity to find the RIGHT person that can help you drive your business forward.  Recruitment can be a costly process, especially if you hire the wrong person and need to start the process again.  Developing your employee avatar can save you TIME and MONEY, while helping you find the BEST person, that can add value to your business.

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Happy employee hunting!

All the best


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