ePayslips - How do they benefit my Business?

First published: 7/4/20

Last Modified: 7/4/20, 6:36 PM

ePayslips, or electronic payslips, allow employees to view their payslips securely using a username and password to access through a website. The employees can then access their payslips wherever they want, whenever they want, printing or saving as they wish

ePayslips save employers time and money, whilst increasing data security.

You save MONEY in postage, paper, ink and envelopes for printing off the payslips and posting them out to employees.

You save TIME by not needing an employee to print, envelope, frank and post each payslip. Also time on re-printing payslips for employees who have lost them.

You reduce the likelihood of data breaches, for example the payslips won’t be sitting on the printers, or lost, thereby INCREASING DATA SECURITY.

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