Holiday Pay up for Review

First published: 6/3/18

Last Modified: 10/3/18, 1:10 PM

With temperatures rising to 22 degrees Celsius here in Fortrose today, I'm sure many of you across the UK will be either on holiday or at least thinking about taking holidays.  Holidays, or Holiday pay, is also on the mind of the UK Government.  The consultation, the Review of Modern Working Practices on the enforcement of employment rights, ran from 7th February 2018 to 16th May 2018, and came on the back of the Good work: the Taylor Review of modern working practices, which was published back in July 2017.  The Taylor review advised on a number of Payroll topics, for Holiday Pay, they advised that an increased awareness of holiday pay entitlements was required, suggested extending the holiday pay reference period from the current 12 weeks to 52 weeks, and suggested steps are required to ensure atypical workers receive their holiday pay entitlement.  The Government seeked feedback on these points as part of their consultation ending in May 2018 and are now analysing and reviewing the feedback given.

Holiday Pay has been the centre of a lot of ambiguity for a while; hopefully with this review of procedure will come some much needed clarity.

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