How does Outsourcing my payroll work?

First published: 6/18/20

Last Modified: 6/18/20, 6:37 PM

Agree with provider the amount of your payroll process you wish to outsource

Standard process is:

Employer: submits pay data on excel input sheet

Provider: processes pay data and pension, any tax codes, student loan notices received. Emails to Employer

Employer: approves pay run or advises of corrections required

Provider: re-runs the payroll and re-submits for approval, if required, or makes the necessary submissions to HMRC. Completes any final reporting

With us you get to choose how you submit your payroll data, timesheets, telephone call, or input sheet. You decide if you’d like us to complete the pension upload and administration.

Your provider should register as your agent with HMRC. This allows them to receive tax code, student loan, Generic notices, and letters from HMRC. This also allows them to deal with most queries directly with HMRC on your behalf, meaning you don’t need to.

You should receive regular, clear communication from your provider. You should get the information you need, to make the decisions you need to make, putting you in control of your payroll process.

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