How has your payroll continuity plan measured up?

First published: 10/8/20

Last Modified: 11/16/20, 11:11 AM

We’ve been through quite a year so far. The last few months have really tested businesses, and their continuity plans.

So how did yours measure up?

Did you have a strong plan that you set into motion when lockdown began?
Did you adapt and handle the situation with confidence and ease?

Or did you panic (... just a little ...) and muddle through the best you could?

Your employees need to be paid, accurately and on time.
Furloughed or not!
Lockdown restrictions or not!
Office closed or not!

Having a strong, well thought out plan to make sure that happens, no matter what, is crucial.

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”
Denis Waitley.

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