The Importance of building good Payroll-Employee relationships

First published: 1/9/19

Last Modified: 5/4/20, 7:21 PM

It's crucial to have a strong working relationship between the Employees/Key Payroll contacts and the Payroll department.

It's difficult in Payroll to get time out of the day to day tasks, the work load, the deadlines, to focus on building good working relationships with the employees and key Payroll contacts, but it is so important to invest the time.

It's far too easy for Payroll to get isolated from the rest of the Business.  The saying "nobody speaks to Payroll until there's a problem", comes to mind.  The benefits of breaking this out-dated perception of Payroll and building strong working relationships with those you pay can strengthen the running and profile of the Business.  Some of the main benefits are...

  • Reduces the number, and time spent on dealing with pay queries
  • Helps resolve disputes over pay easier
  • Allows changes to pay, payroll procedures, employee handbooks, easier to achieve
  • Improves the profile and builds valuable trust in the Payroll department

Here's our top tips for building great working relationships with your employee...

  • Provide clear and concise information, such as on Payroll procedures, employee handbooks and how to contact Payroll
  • Provide a Payroll calendar, so employees know when they're getting paid, and for what period
  • Plenty of notice should be given for any changes to pay, pay dates and payroll structure
  • Involve employees/key Payroll contacts in the process for any changes to the Payroll procedures, giving proper consultation
  • Payroll should be approachable, easy to get hold of, and always happy to help
  • Lunch and Learn session provide a chance for employees to learn about their pay, get to know their Payroll department and an opportunity to ask questions

Small changes, can have big impacts!  Take a little time to strengthen your Employee-Payroll relationships within your Business!


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