It's all in the name!

First published: 4/23/18

Last Modified: 6/3/18, 9:48 PM

It wasn't easy coming up with a name for the business. We decided on numerous different names, only to reject them later, some for being similar to other businesses and some because they didn't really have meaning for us. This was important, as we wanted a name that was unique, recognisable, memorable, but that also meant something to us.

Chanonry Point, located near to where we're based, on a spit of land extending into the Moray Firth between Fortrose and Rosemarkie, is a local landmark. It's particularly well known for the Chanonry Point Lighthouse, for the dolphins who are frequent visitors and who like to delight tourists and locals alike, for other local wildlife, as the place where the Brahan Seer met his end, and for the lovely walk that you can take around Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf course, a walk we've taken many times. I grew up around this area, and it's always been a special place for me. Although we wish to provide valuable support to businesses based across the UK, we also hope to maintain a local quality.

So, here we are... Chanonry Payroll Solutions, We'll get to the Point!

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