Launch of Chanonry Payroll Solutions

First published: 4/23/18

Last Modified: 4/27/18, 5:10 PM

After working in Payroll for 15 years, since 2003, in industry, oil and gas sector and for a number of payroll bureaus, I decided to set up Chanonry Payroll Solutions. We're a family run business, based in Fortrose on the Black Isle.

Over the years, I've been involved in a variety of Payrolls, ranging from 1 person monthly payroll to a 1200 employee weekly payroll, right up to an over 8000 employee monthly payroll, and everything in-between. Through this I've gained valuable knowledge and experience which I would like to share with businesses, within the local area and across the UK, supporting them in this ever changing business environment.

Payroll has substantially changed over the last 15 years, with the introduction of RTI, Auto-Enrolment, Scottish Rate of Income Tax and so on, and has many more changes to come. This proves difficult for small to medium sized businesses to keep up with Payroll regulations and ensure they remain compliant. This is where we come in. With our flexible services, we can build the right package to support your business, whether is be providing a fully outsourced Payroll service, or for us to just be an email or phone call away if something goes wrong, there's a sudden absence of in your Payroll team, you have a high volume of work, a Payroll project, or just need some help with a technical query. We're here for you!

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