Letters through your door from HMRC

First published: 10/8/20

Last Modified: 10/8/20, 12:19 PM

HMRC are writing to selected employers, asking them to review their Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) claims.

However, HMRC don’t specify what is wrong with the claim, or even which month the claim relates to, that they have an issue with.

So, what’s likely to be triggering these letters?

It could be that the employer was including employees on furlough who were not paid through that PAYE scheme in February or March 2020, but who do qualify as they fall into one of the exceptions...

transferred from another employer under TUPE
transferred from another PAYE scheme as a result of a scheme reorganisation
returned from parental leave
returned from active military service after 10 June

The exceptions may not have been picked up by HMRC’s computer when it compares the payroll details the employer submitted in March 2020, to the list of employees on furlough for say July.

Read the article below for more info and guidance on what to do, should you receive one of these letters


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