To outsource or not?

First published: 10/8/20

Last Modified: 10/8/20, 12:09 PM

Is that question on your mind?

If you run your payroll yourself, as a small business owner, then to outsource your payroll will be an additional COST

Outsourcing any task, eg bookkeeping, social media, has a cost attached to it.  A cost, if you were previously doing it yourself, that would NOT have been there before.

Now we’re talking about a monetary cost...

...the cost you would have paid, is in time.

Outsourcing is a tool, becoming more and more crucial to the successful running of small businesses. It’s an investment. You exchange money for time.

The question is: how much time do you spend processing payroll?
Calculate your hourly rate, how much you could get paid for doing what you do. This shows you what you could be earning if you didn’t have the admin burden of running your payroll

Weather you use the time to focus on growing your business. Or for a bit of extra time for you and your family. To answer the question of should I outsource my payroll or run it myself, comes down to how much you value your time

Do you value it enough to have a 30 min call with us, to discover the benefits of outsourcing your payroll? ..if so, get in touch, let’s not waste any more of it


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