Use the right payment reference when paying Class 1A National Insurance

First published: 6/18/20

Last Modified: 8/4/20, 7:23 PM

The reference should be your 13 character Accounts Office reference, followed by the numbers 2013

This helps HMRC to allocate the payment correctly.  Adding 2013 tells HMRC that this payment is for tax year ending 2020 (20) and that it's for Class 1A NICs (13).

Miss-allocation of payments can cause wasted time for Employers and their payroll staff, trying to reconcile the HMRC account after receiving a notice.  Usually a penalty notice for underpayment.  Ensuring the correct reference is used when the payment is transferred keeps the HMRC account tidy, saves time and stress in dealing with these types of issues.

The deadline for submitting P11Ds is 6th July, with payment for the Class 1A NI to be paid by 22nd July.

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