Who should I involve in my Payroll Continuity planning process

First published: 5/7/20

Last Modified: 5/13/20, 7:00 PM

To be blunt - Everyone!


✅ Yourself, the Business Owner

✅ Payroll person

✅ HR

✅ IT

✅ Managers and/or Supervisors

✅ Employees

Someone knowledgable on the Payroll should lead the Plan development.  They're best placed to understand the requirements and potential issues that could disrupt the process.

Bringing in someone externally who is knowledgeable in both Payroll and Payroll Continuity planning is beneficial.  Fresh, experienced eyes can see potential issues that could be over looked by someone closer to the Payroll, and they may know of alternative solutions to potential threats to your Payroll.

The planning lead should seek out the key people to gain their valuable input...

HR - impact on Employees.  Communication to Managers/Supervisors and Employees.

IT - back up systems, alternative solutions, remote working.

Managers/Supervisors - timesheet/data submission, approval. communicate out draft plan to assist with 'buy in'

Employees - good communication helps with 'buy in' and increases confidence in the Payroll process.

Yourself - It may be down to you to put the plan into action‼️


Failing to plan, is planning to fail

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