Implementation & Project Management

Whether your implementing a new payroll system, merging payrolls, outsourcing or updating employee terms, we can help ensure your payroll project achieves it's goals.

It's difficult to know where to start when dealing with the management of Payroll implementations and Projects. So many aspects of a Business rely on the Payroll function.  The impact of changes in the Payroll are not always realised until they have a detrimental effect on the Employees, or the Business itself.  It's important to have the right people round the table when planning Projects, to reach your goal with minimal impact on the day to day running of the Payroll.

Rely on our knowledge and experience to guide you through your Project. We can fully manage the project on your behalf, provide guidance at the beginning of a Project, be in the background to offer assistance as and when required, or if you've already started your Project and something has gone wrong, we can work with you to get it back on track.

Some examples of the types of projects we can help you with are:

  • Outsourcing
  • Changing Payroll Frequency
  • Updating Employee Terms
  • Introduction of a new Pension Scheme
  • Introduction of Employee Benefits
  • Implementing new Payroll Software
  • Analysing Payroll Costs
  • Merging Payrolls (Internally and TUPE)
  • Setting up as a new Employer

The above list is not exhaustive, and Payroll Projects can come in all shapes and sizes.

We can assist you in creating a Timeline Project Plan that is relevant for your Business and which will support you through the 5 stages of Project Management...

  • Conception & Initiation
  • Definition & Planning
  • Launch or Execution
  • Performance & Control
  • Project Close


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