Internal Audit & Compliance

Independent Internal Payroll Audit and Compliance checks. Tax, NI and employee benefit application health checks. Payroll Audit Review (PAR) Report


Let our experience give you piece of mind.


We can complete an internal audit on your Payroll to...

  • Ensure compliance with UK legislation
  • Tax, NI and Employee Benefit health checks
  • Ensure compliance with the Businesses internal procedures
  • Identify any potential issues
  • Identify procedures that need to be updated and ensure procedures are relevant for the Business objectives
  • Identify training requirements for Payroll personnel
  • Ensure the required records are kept for the appropriate length of time, and maintained
  • Ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Ensure adequate controls over the Payroll function are in place.

Our Audit & Compliance service goes hand in hand with our Process Improvement & Analytical Support service.  Ensuring you have the most time effective, compliant Payroll procedures, that support your Business.

For a packaged service which is a great mix of our Process Improvement & Analytical and our Internal Audit & Compliance services, take a look at our Payroll Audit Review (PAR) Report...

Payroll Audit Review (PAR) Report

With the PAR report in hand, you can assess the current status of your Payroll, gain valuable insight and guidance for strengthening your Payroll processes and procedures, to relieve your Business of unnecessary work, control costs and ensure compliance.

The benefits are...

  • Time efficiency - Provides suggestions on how to streamline the Payroll process and how to optimise time
  • Regulatory Compliance - Offers information and advice on best practise and compliance
  • Risk Assessment - Identifies any areas of concern in the processes and procedures, ensuring appropriate controls are in place, and assists with disaster recovery planning
  • Resource Management - Provides a useful tool to support resource management and the monitoring of operational costs
  • Payroll Policy Assessment - Review of existing Payroll policies and documented procedures and assists in the creation of new policies/procedures
  • GDPR Review - Review of data protection policies and procedures in relation to the Payroll
  • Reporting, Information and Key Payroll Contact Review - Review of the current Payroll reports and Key Payroll Contacts, and how the Payroll information is gathered and distributed


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