Process Improvement & Analytical Support

Payroll has a large impact upon any Business, with employees, Financial Accounting, compliance, and operations, all being affected. Procedures for processing and analysing Payroll costs need to be robust and dynamic. Effective Payroll procedures can save the Business, not only time and money, but also reduce the risk of employee or compliance issues arising.

Streamlining Payroll tasks to improve efficiency goes hand in hand with the analysing of the current Payroll set up, Payroll costs and impacts of future changes.  Putting Process Improvement and Analysing support together provides you with a complete overview of your Payrolls current, and potential, impact upon your Business.  An essential tool for any Business for successful financial and resource planning.

Process Improvement

Is it time to improve your Payroll process?

Payroll can involve a lot of paperwork, procedures, internal and external in UK regulations, and is deadline driven.  It's difficult to take time out of your day to day tasks to look at how to improve your Payroll process.   Having a strong Payroll process can not only save you time (manhours), and therefore money, but can also support compliance.

Using our experience in Payroll processing methods and helpful tools to quicken the process, and improve accuracy, we can review your Payroll procedures and offer suggestions and insights on how they can be improved.

Analytical Support

There are so many different aspects to Payroll.  It can be difficult to see how they each impact your Business, how they interact with each other, or how a change will not only affect your Business, but your employees as well.

With our strong analytical skills, we can help you breakdown your Payroll to analyse your costs.  We can assess impacts of changes to your Payroll and provide you with information on the different options available.  The below will give you an idea of what we can assist you with to help you in your Business planning...

  • Analysing changes to Pension Set up
  • Analysing impacts of a Wage Increase
  • Assessing the impact of Introducing an Employee Benefit
  • Assessing the impact of Changes in your Workforce

Take a look at our Payroll Audit Review (PAR) Report service on our Internal Audit & Compliance service page, for a packaged service which is a great combination of our Process Improvement & Analytical and Internal Audit & Compliance services...

Payroll Audit Review Report

Need support with improvement/analysing for a specific task, or just need to reduce the impact of your Payroll on manhours and Finances, but don't know where to begin.  From pointing you in the right direction, providing you with key aspects to think about, to supporting you throughout the process from start to end.  We can help.  Contact us for more information.

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