What are payroll services and processing? How do I know if I need them? I employ people why should I outsource my payroll?

We know that you have questions around payroll and what can be outsourced.  Which is why we are hear to make the process seamless for you and your business.  This will ensure you remain compliant, and free up your time to spend on your business with the confidence that your staff are paid correctly, and you are meeting all your legal obligations around payroll.

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At Chanonry Payroll Solutions Ltd, near Inverness, we provide a bespoke solution to meet the needs of your business and our services include:

  • Payroll Processing
  • New Employer packages
  • On-site support

We will create your payroll reports in the format that you need for your business to make it easy for you to pay your employees and account for the cost of paying your employees.

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We can help you with all the various aspects of payroll including and not limited to:

  • PAYE and NI calculations and submissions
  • Pension auto-enrolment
  • Year End procedures, P60s
  • Statutory payments, SSP, SMP, SPP
  • Student loans earnings deductions
  • P45s
  • Holiday pay and redundancy calculations

I've only been using Hayley's services since the end of 2019 but what a difference she has made since then. We are always keen to support other local businesses so having met Hayley I was confident her business was the right one for us. Hayley has been such a help with payroll anyway but with then having to furlough employees she took all the worry away because I knew we were in safe hands. Her services are very affordable, we are actually saving money getting Hayley to do our payroll - it cost us more to do ourselves!! 

Carol Elliot, City Mobility

Case Study

Carol was paying approximatley £70 per month (£840 per year) for payroll software with the payroll being ran by a member of her in-house team.  We were able to take on the processing of the payroll at a charge of £38 per month (£456 per year).  A saving of £384 per year.  This also freed up her employees time, so that she could focus on her other duties and responsibilities within the buisness.  By using our payroll services Carol was able to benefit from a cost and time saving, whilst gaining access to expertise in the payroll profession.

Hayley is superb. Payroll is effortless now. Professional and quick service.  Fantastic payroll solutions. Hayley is a joy to work with. Since Hayley has come on board I can be sure payroll is taken care of giving me time to get on with more pressing tasks.